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Several types of shows to choose from:
Tributes to Elvis & Ricky Nelson / "Mr. 57" - Salute to the 50's & 60's
Peter Alden & Crown Electric Company / Various Holiday shows

     Peter's love of music is no surprise as he comes from a musical family. He attended Florida Southern College, a small liberal arts college where he was heavily involved in both the music and theatre programs. He studied voice with New York Opera performer Beverly Wolff, who was also on the music staff. Classically trained, Peter possesses of a five octave range and also has perfect pitch. He has performed lead roles in both dramas and musicals including "Carousel", "The Fantasticks", "A Comedy Of Errors" and "The Diviners". It was, however; in the production of "Bye, Bye Birdie" that Peter zeroed in on a calling. "Birdie" was a musical that focused on an Elvis-style singer being drafted into the army. The director put together a small rockabilly band to add some realism to the character's songs. Peter and the band stayed together and began playing at fraternity parties doing a variety of rockabilly and Elvis songs, thus starting him down the Elvis tribute artist path.

    After graduating  Peter worked at both of the major theme parks in Orlando (Disney and Universal Studios). During that time he continued perfecting his tribute to Elvis. Some of the highlights during this early period included a week long engagement at Libertyland in Memphis during Elvis Week and a sold-out show at the "House of Blues" in honor of Elvis's birthday. This led to an audition in Las Vegas for the show "Legends in Concert." He was later contacted by Legends and spent many years with the show performing in various locations including Branson, Myrtle Beach, Pittsburgh, and Dallas. The show also had a long term contract on the Premier cruise lines flagship The S.S. Rembrandt. Peter and his good friend Brian McCullough, who performs as Roy Orbison, created an original show that featured both Elvis & Roy Orbison on stage together.  Their final product was a show called  "Elvis & Roy: The Lost Concert" a tribute show that ran in a theater in Nashville, Tennessee for six months.

    Peter has performed his tribute show across the country and in many parts of the world including Wales, Beijing, Singapore, Vancouver, and Puerto Rico. He is considered by many fans as the "hidden gem" in the Elvis world because of his resistance to singing in contests. Although these contests may help raise the awareness of a "rising star", Peter prefers to be seen on stage as a performing artist. His fans appreciate his talent and rank his tribute to Elvis as one of the absolute best in the world.  Recently Peter perfected a tribute to another one of his 'influences', Ricky Nelson!  Peter's new show focuses on the entire musical library of Rick Nelson, from the 50's through the 80's.
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